I started in the photography world through my relationship with nature. A relationship that had much to do with the programs and magazines made by the unforgettable  Felix R. de la Fuente and, later, with my first visits to Majorca’s Albufera. I was fascinated, intrigued too, with its inhabitants, their colours, their behaviour. Soon I wished I could have a way that allows me to enjoy it again beyond my short memory. And I thought the best way would be using a photo camera.

I soon realize how difficult it was to reflect in a negative or a slide what I saw, what I felt. What a great merit, I realized then, had those pictures, some of them still in black and white, that I saw in the nature books that were stacked at home. Over time, experience and advice of good friends made possible an slow improvement of my photographic technique, but also a more competent equipment  and a enhanced knowledge about the environment in which I moved. It was (still is) a slow process, with some failures, which I call bad days, but mostly full of emotions and feelings.

Finally, a few years ago, this hobby became a profession, a transformation that involves change and it is not as simple as it seems. This has allowed me to publish photographs in calendars, brochures, postcards, posters, art catalogues, institutional and commercial websites or photo montages that travel to various tourism fairs across Europe, including Berlin, London, Frankfurt or Madrid. I have publish pictures and photo essays in Spanish magazines, such as National Geographic, Nature, BIOlogica, Nat, Vision Salvaje, Descubrir, Azul Marino or Grandes Espacios and the BBC has used some of my photographs as publicity for his film Wild Majorca . I’ve also collaborated on books such as “Majorca, the island of a thousand faces”, “Minorca” and “Serra de Tramuntana”, all of them edited by Triangle Postals, “The Black Vulture in Majorca”, “ Trees and forests in the Balearics”, “The Mallorcan Midwife Toad, a genuine islander ” and “20 anys of NP S ‘Albufera de Mallorca “,” Mallorca 365 “, Edicions Akha, Les Balears, illes de natura” published by Sa Nostra or “Cabrera, els tresors de l’illa.

I am particularly pleased to have had the opportunity to publish several books in collaboration with good friends. It all began in 2001 with the appearance of “Les aus S’Albufera, la nostàlgia del fang” where my photographs accompany the words of Miquel Rayó, great writer and better friend. This collaboration continued with “Natura Mallorca”, “GR221 Serra de Tramuntana”, here with the help of my dear friends Joan and Vicenç Sastre. Later appears”A Birding Tourist’s guide to Majorca”, a very nice guide addressed specially to the birdwatchers (please visit www.birdingmajorca.com for more details, reviews, etc.), this time working with ornithologists such as Josep Manchado and Maties Rebassa. Then follow the book “Alcudia”, with texts by Carme Suarez and finally “Landscapes of Illes Balears”, where teamed up again with Miquel Rayó. The year 2018 has been special for me from the editorial point of view, with two interesting books published. First, it was Aus / Aves de Mallorca, sharing a new project with Josep Manchado and Maties Rebassa. And a second book about the city I live in, Alcúdia, where, apart from photography, I have participated in the text and coordination, a challenge.  If you are interested in any of the books but you have difficulties to find them, please contact me.

I spend an important part of my time to teach photography. It is very rewarding to share my skills and knowledge with others who enjoy photographing the world around us. Thus, in the last 17 years I have taught numerous photography courses for various institutions and general councils, as well as specific workshops on nature photography.

I also had the fortune to be able to fulfil the dream of my youth and travel to one of the most legendary places of our planet earth, the African savannah, with its incredible inhabitants, enjoying the spectacular scenery of Amboseli, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Masai Mara.

And finally, I found time to go to some schools and show to young people (our future) part of the natural treasures of our islands. If you work in a school or institute of Majorca and wish me to come, you have only to contact me and I will be happy to hang out with your students to show them pictures that I hope will help them know and respect our environment.

Currently I’m working on several personal projects and for various institutions and public and private companies within a continuous process of evolution and learning which I hope will be very long.