5 de agost de 2017

Photo TIL?

“Hi, I’m an English tourist, 76 years old and I come from London. Believe it or not, it’s my first time at this beautiful island. Last Sunday I went for a visit to Palma and I was really surprised to see how many people were on the streets. There were no traffic cars around, people was everywhere! Later I found out that the official sources talked about 1.000 people. It really seemed a bit more to me, but maybe my glasses need to be changed.

People worked hard to make very funny banners.

A funny thing was to see how happy the people were when they sow me with a green T-shirt. Frankly, I planned to wear a red one but it was a bit dirty, so finally I went out whit a green one and, what a causality, nearly everyone chose the same colour. Fine!


At the beginning, a fantastic big band played some very different songs. One was called “s’estaca”, a really nice one. Then my all time favourite: YMCA. I heard someone saying something like “cavallet quan eres jove”, but I could not understand.


TIL was everywhere, but it’s still an enigmatic word to me…

Such a concentration of people was like a big party. Everyone was raising their arms, clapping and referring to one person that must be very well know around here. There were plenty of banners, and I was very curious about what they show. And, what a nice surprise, some of them had English words and sentences written on them. On one of them, for example, people ask “Matas come back”. A quick Google translation did not help to understand it: “mata” is a plant and “matas” a couple of them. It seemed to me that people prefer as a leader a couple of plants instead of some persons. It must be something wrong here… TIL and English share  many of the banners. But I’m still asking myself what was the relation between both words. A man that was hide behind a big and dark glasses told me that here no one can learn English without TIL. It sounded strange to me. By the way, this man did not wear a green T-shirt.



Even the Mallorca air force joined the party. Frankly, I think they have to invest on new airplanes.


Maybe I should not say that, but I find this flag the most beautiful that I’ve seen.

I still really didn’t know what was the party about, I saw many people with photo cameras, and with my really poor Spanish I understood that it was a kind of photo marathon, a Photo TIL probably, because the word TIL (not results on my Google translation) was everywhere.


A lot of people with camera, maybe he won the price of the photo marathon!

Don’t know why but most of the people did not speak Spanish. Instead, words like “vetualmon”, “barrut” and similar could be heard around. Again a Google translation did not help. Whatever they mean, that kind of speaking sounded very nice to my ears. Also, I learned some words that were new to me, like “bon rollo”, “quina gentada”, etc. After all I was really happy with the ambience. People were very nice and friendly, a really great experience.


Instruments, hands, voices, everything was used to be heard.


Sorry but I don’t agree with the size, I think packets of medicines should be a bit smaller. By the way, I think I got a wrong translation of “via anal”.


What a pleasure to hear traditional musicians playing their nice songs.

I just hope the next time I come to Majorca I find so many people on this kind of events, that would be a nice sign. Many thanks.”


Aquest era el punt de vista de un turiste despistat sobre la manifestacio de s’altra dia.

Perdonau la broma sobre aquest tema tan important. Però he de dir que, com a aquest turista imaginari, m’agradaria molt que a la pròxima manifestació per defensar el nostro futur mos hi poguem veure tanta gent com a aquest històric 29 de setembre.